A Hundred Days to Happiness: Laugh at Yourself Today

Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously.

We all make mistakes, and most of the time, we feel bad about them and bad about ourselves. When we’ve played the fool, it seems natural to feel embarrassed.

Your happiness exercise for today is to look back at the ridiculous things you have done in your life. I’m sure you can think of a few. I have plenty in mind myself.

But this time, instead of looking back with regret, shame or embarrassment, replay your bloopers tape with a laugh track. When you watch your personal bloopers DVD, turn off the critical, self-pitying commentary.

Forgive yourself for playing the hapless tramp like Charlie Chaplin. We all play the fool. It’s part of the human experience. That’s why we laughed with the little tramp. We could all identify with him.

Making mistakes is part of learning and growing. We are the biggest fools only if we take ourselves too seriously, don’t laugh at ourselves, don’t see our mistakes in retrospect and fail to learn from them.

What have you learned from your mistakes? What have you learned about yourself? What have you learned about happiness?


About Davidicus Wong

I am a family physician. I write a weekly newspaper column, Healthwise for the Vancouver Courier, Burnaby Now, Royal City Record and Richmond News.
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