A Hundred Days To Happiness: Creating More Happiness Today

Unless you make happiness a priority, the rest of your life can take over.

As you go through this day, be mindful of your words and actions, and as you reflect on your choices, ask, “Does this contribute to the happiness of myself and others?”

When we’re busy or distracted, it’s easy to deny our impact on those around us. There are many ways to give feedback. If we aren’t mindful of our tone and choice of words, we can create more unhappiness for our loved ones, friends and peers.

If we don’t look for them, we can miss many opportunities to help and encourage the people in our lives. And even if we do see them, we don’t always follow through.

Your happiness exercise for today: Regardless of the competing priorities of your day, make it your purpose to create more happiness for yourself and others.




About Davidicus Wong

I am a family physician. I write a weekly newspaper column, Healthwise for the Vancouver Courier, Burnaby Now, Royal City Record and Richmond News.
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4 Responses to A Hundred Days To Happiness: Creating More Happiness Today

  1. Anna Wang says:

    I love this topic. It cheers people up, ” make happiness a priority”. We experienced so much unhappiness in our life, we got to be positive and remind ourselves and people around us “Unless you make happiness a priority, the rest of your life can take over.”

    • Thanks, Anna. I believe we each have to accept the responsibility to do what we can to increase the happiness of others and ourselves. This is what we really mean about quality of life in medicine.

  2. Gary Flynn says:

    If not now, when? Someone wise said that. Being happy, sharing happiness and constructing happiness are some of the endeavours that keep me healthy. Having role models like the Dali Lama, Gandhi, Buddha,the postman, my dog, or Dr.Wong are invaluable. My dog is one of my greatest heros. He doesn’t stress about being late, nor does he brood about feeling lazy for sleeping on a perfectly nice day. My dog knows that all days are nice, great in fact. My dog does nothing but share happiness. My dog doesn’t have a mind and he’s definitely much happier for it. Of course he has a brain-he is a bichon after all-but he doesn’t have a mind that obsessively chews on everything it can get its mind on. All that chewing sometimes gives us cerebral indigestion. Dr.Wong is another who, although can easily negotiate his way around cerebral complexities, knows how to live in the now somehow detached from “mind”. I am only treated one way by my doctor, and thats in the now. My doctor is the care that will treat all of the ills of our medical system and the American system combined. Really! When people are listened to and given dignity and lifted up with their own self worth, people begin to heal. Happiness heals. I wonder? Are we born naturally happy or do you need to tend to it like a flower? Maybe if you get it, use it, “possess” it, well then you lose it. However, Share it, receive it and many flowers of happiness will quickly bloom to be there whenever we need it. My thoughts before bed. Shine on Dr.Wong.

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