A Hundred Days To Happiness: Making Humpday Happy

For the majority with a Monday to Friday work or school week, midweek can be a low point. We find ourselves slogging our way until the weekend, and by Wednesday morning, we’re not even halfway there.

Is Wednesday your Humpday?

A lot of us live and work for our holidays, vacations and weekends. Those brief stretches of fun pass too quickly. The rest of the time is just filler.

Now that’s depressing.

We can all do better than that. In every day, in every school and in almost every work place, we can find something to make us and others happy. We just have to seek and see, improvise and follow through.

It helps to have a naturally gratifying job like mine. Though some of my workdays have stretched to 24 hours and I can work 12 days straight without a weekend break, I find every patient encounter meaningful. If I do my best, I can make a positive difference in every patient’s life.

But you don’t have to be a doctor to find meaning in your work. My favourite people do more than their job descriptions. They put a positive personal touch in all that they do, and by creating happiness for others, they are happier themselves. These people can put a positive spin on almost any job and change the tone of any workplace.

Find meaning in your work. If you can’t, what work should you be doing?

Don’t wait for weekends and holidays to take breaks. Build them into every day. Though I might look after as many as 40 patients in a day, I wouldn’t be doing my best if I didn’t take breaks when I needed them.

I begin each day with a 2000 metre swim. It serves as a meditation and a workout before I become a doctor for the rest of the day. I make enough time to eat a healthy breakfast and to touch bases with everyone at home before they’re off off to school.

Even in the middle of the busiest mornings, I’ll take a minute or two at the office for a cup of tea, an apple or an orange. Yesterday, my schedule was fully booked before the day started. However, two patients didn’t show up just before my lunch break. Instead of wasting a moment frustrated for the other patients who needed an appointment but couldn’t get in on such late notice, I grabbed my swimming gear and dashed back to the pool for another 30 lengths.

Schedule and seize your breaks when you can!

Your happiness exercise for today: Tomorrow is Wednesday – Humpday unless your workday doesn’t start on Monday or your work week extends to 12 days. Plan something so fun, enjoyable and rejuvenating that you’ll look forward to Wednesday arriving.

To double or triple your potential happiness, plan it with others at home, school or work. Imagine waking up tomorrow, saying “Thank God it’s Wednesday!” and greeting everyone with “Happy Humpday!”

You might have so much fun that you’ll want to plan something bigger each week.


About Davidicus Wong

I am a family physician. I write a weekly newspaper column, Healthwise for the Vancouver Courier, Burnaby Now, Royal City Record and Richmond News.
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