A Hundred Days to Happiness: Through the Eyes of a Child & an Elder

We need two eyes to see fully.

Early fatherhood was a spiritual “eye opener” for me.

Through the eyes of a young child, the world is forever new, wide and wonderful. There is something new around every corner and in every moment. Life is one adventure after another.

And those adventures are not hard to find – in a trip to the market, a walk in the park or a drive across town.

There is wonder in the mundane: the shapes of clouds, the movements of an ant and the whirlpool in a flushed toilet bowl.

Joy is found in life’s little nuisances: puddles of rain, a heavy snowfall and a pile of leaves.

And love is found in the arms of a mom and dad who accept and embrace all of you and love you just the way you are.

As we grow up and grow busy, we become short and long-sighted. We see trees and streets, people and places differently. We sometimes don’t see them at all.

But if we’re lucky to live long enough and to grow with the experience of life, we can regain the eye of a child and discover the eye of an elder. The perspective of life lived promises – though doesn’t guarantee – wisdom.

The eye of wise elders see themselves and their past in the drama of youth and the stages of life around them. It sees that many things have changed but the essentials remain the same.

The wise elder knows that our days are numbered and the wonder, joy and love must be appreciated today. Each moment is enjoyed as it is. Each day seized and let go.

The eye of the elder can see the true value of things, what is worth holding and what we can let go.

We need two eyes to see – our lives, others and ourselves – fully.

About Davidicus Wong

I am a family physician. I write a weekly newspaper column, Healthwise for the Vancouver Courier, Burnaby Now, Royal City Record and Richmond News.
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3 Responses to A Hundred Days to Happiness: Through the Eyes of a Child & an Elder

  1. JustJoe says:

    Hey David,

    This is Vanessa’s dad, just read this post I felt I needed to comment. After suffering my initial brain injury one of the new things I discovered was the beauty of clouds. In fact, that is what got me into photography. So for you to point to clouds in your article hit a particular memory for me that is very fond, the first time I really noticed the clouds. I always saw the clouds but not until that day sometime after my accident did I truly notice the clouds. It is a very peaceful memory during a very tough time in my life. Thanks for helping me remember.


    • Thanks, Joe.
      Recovering from trauma and growing though tough times, we can see ourselves and our world in different – and sometimes better – ways. Our vision is transformed and we can see the beauty in one another, ourselves and in the clouds.

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