The Third Mantra: Walk in Grace

What are you doing at this moment . . . and why? What is the meaning, purpose or motivation behind what you are doing?

If what you are doing is automatic and done without attention, attend to the present; after acknowledging your feelings and thoughts, resume your mindful state.

Speaking, be aware that you are speaking, what you are saying and the impact of your words. Walking, attend to each step and where you walk. Swimming, attend to each stroke.

Are your actions aligned with your thoughts and feelings? Are they aligned with your highest values and greater goals?

The question I ask myself is, “Is what I am doing bringing me closer or further from my highest values and greatest goals, closer or further form my true self?”

We can all fall into autopilot, acting without thinking and falling into mindless routine. We can also move reactively one detour at a time until we find ourselves far from where we intended to be.

How did you get here? Were your actions motivated by a reactive way of thinking or were you carried by emotions?

Attend to these origins and see if you are prepared to release them.

We are judged ultimately by our actions – by others and by ourselves – though many times they may not reflect who we really are.

If we align our actions throughout each day with our moral and spiritual compass, regardless of the outcome, we can be comforted that we acted according to our highest motivations.

We don’t choose all the circumstances of our lives and we cannot dictate the outcome of our efforts, but we can choose how we will act – how we respond to our world and in which direction we shall grow.

Just as our emotional states and our concerns can be tempered with the perspective of time – your whole lifetime, our actions each day may be tempered and redirected by the perspective of our highest values.

The world is ever changing and we are always moving closer or further.

Consider what you are doing in all the important areas of your life. Are you aligned in each area with your goals and values? Why or why not? What steps must you take to move closer to your authentic and better self?

Life requires frequent rebalancing and realignment in order to stay on course.


About Davidicus Wong

I am a family physician. I write a weekly newspaper column, Healthwise for the Vancouver Courier, Burnaby Now, Royal City Record and Richmond News.
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