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Big Screen Moments . . . in Real Life

After a busy week at work, I wanted to spend time with the kids Friday night. Amazingly, all three agreed to see the same movie with me. Now that all three are teenagers, we haven’t been to a theatre together … Continue reading

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Making a Difference: Leaving Things Better Than How You Found Them

The chair of a hospital committee that I later chaired myself once said that we were all there to make a difference. The members of the committee were not always on the same page. Unlike the chair, many did not … Continue reading

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Your Shadow: Living With The Side You HIde

We each have a shadow, the part of ourselves that is hidden from others or even ourselves. For most of us, it is the part that we don’t like to share with the outside world. It may or may not … Continue reading

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Who is the Real You?

In the studio where my daughter takes dance lessons, is a plaque that says, “Dance as if no one is watching.”  I confess that I often peak through the small window on the door to catch a glimpse of her … Continue reading

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Procrastinating Panic: Why Worry?

This morning, my friend, Shannon reminded me of Mark Twain’s quote: I have spent most of my life worrying about things that never happened. We each have different alarm settings. Some of us worry a lot more than others. Some … Continue reading

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The Care & Maintenance of Love, Part 11: The Appreciation Game

At our family dinner table, we play the Appreciation Game. Everyone comes out a winner. Even on days when the kids haven’t been getting along, I ask each to say at least one thing they appreciate about each of the … Continue reading

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The Care & Maintenance of Love, Part 10: The Danger of Complacency

In marriage, we can become complacent. We take one another – and our relationship – for granted. When we stop making our partner and our relationship priorities, the rest of our lives take over. We can sleep walk through our … Continue reading

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