Big Screen Moments . . . in Real Life

After a busy week at work, I wanted to spend time with the kids Friday night. Amazingly, all three agreed to see the same movie with me. Now that all three are teenagers, we haven’t been to a theatre together for a long time.

My maternity patients were not in labour so I would be able to sit back and enjoy Captain America in 3D. Going to the show together brought back memories of all the movies we saw when my kids were young.

I just enjoyed being around them. When they were young, I would look at their faces as they watched the big screen. Just seeing their absorption, expressions and reactions was sometimes more entertaining to me than the movie itself.  

My daughter would always hop on my lap during the scary parts. I usually had to buy the DVDs of the movies we saw because I would miss a lot of key scenes in the theatre when the kids couldn’t delay going to the washroom. Before they acquired teenaged appetites, there was always enough popcorn for me.

So on Friday, I felt so happy and lucky . . . until my partner called me on my cell. The office alarm had gone off, someone needed to check it out, and everyone else was out of town.

I got the kids settled into the theatre (so that I could later find them in the dark) with their 3D glasses and money for popcorn and drinks, drove home to get the office keys and drove to the office to check out what turned out to be another false alarm. I drove back to the theatre to watch the rest of the movie. Fortunately, Steve Rogers had not yet been transformed into Captain America. I wouldn’t have been very happy if I missed that part.

The kids enjoyed the movie and so did I. They even saved some popcorn for me – at least a dozen or so kernels.

Life is funny . . . and sad . . . and joyful . . . and sometimes pathetic. There are a lot of frustrations and disappointments, but sometimes things work out and we have these beautiful moments together. Those times make it all worthwhile.


About Davidicus Wong

I am a family physician. I write a weekly newspaper column, Healthwise for the Vancouver Courier, Burnaby Now, Royal City Record and Richmond News.
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