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Are You Awake?

We often think of spiritual awakening as the culmination of many years of ascetic practice – a state of enlightenment or nirvana achieved after a long life journey. It may be thought of as a point of no return. After … Continue reading

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How Much Good Can One Person Do?

After the death of his daughter and nearing bankruptcy, Buckminster Fuller found himself in the depths of depression. He emerged from a suicidal state with the personal challenge to begin “an experiment to see what a single individual can contribute … Continue reading

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The Secret to Managing Stress

A sense of helplessness has been associated with feelings of anxiety; hopelessness with depression. During the hardest times in our lives, we may feel overwhelmed and ineffectual. Though life can be unpredictable and unfair, our emotional well-being depends upon some … Continue reading

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Beneficence: The Good That You Can Do

In recent posts, I wrote of the first rule of medicine – and what ought to be a guiding principle for all of us: above all else, do no harm. Although we don’t intend to hurt others, we do so … Continue reading

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The Power of Your Words . . . to Harm or to Heal

As a child, you may have said, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” If you did, it was most likely in response to a personal attack of insults, lies or slurs. And as … Continue reading

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To Do No Harm

Though we enter the profession of medicine to do good – to help others, our first rule is to do no harm. Primum non nocere. At first this may seem odd, but when you consider that we are entrusted with … Continue reading

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Medical Ethics & the Moral Compass

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking part in the annual Professionalism lecture for the first year students of the UBC Medical School. The students are given a series of scenarios that they will discuss in small breakout sessions before returning to the … Continue reading

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