Are You Awake . . . or Dreaming?

When I awaken from a dream, I realize that I have suspended my disbelief. 

People I know and trust do wild things that are out of character. Improbable events occur. Yet I accept it all as if it was real . . . as long as I am dreaming.

When I awaken, I realize that these things could not have happened and that I must have been dreaming. Sometimes, upon awakening, I am left with the emotions of a dream, but when I recognize the fiction from which those feelings arose, they dissipate like the memory of the dream itself.

In waking life, we may find ourselves with strong feelings: heavy despair, simmering anger or unremitting anxiety. Our minds can be preoccupied with worry, the pain of the past, what we have lost or what we may lose.

Where do these feelings come from? Sometimes from the reality of our lives. Sometimes from our perception of our circumstances. Could we be in a trance? Could we be dreaming still?

In lucid dreaming, we are aware that we are dreaming, and with that awareness, we may maintain control of our reactions and sometimes the direction of our dreams. 

One method of lucid dreaming involves asking ourselves, “Am I dreaming?” and beginning that questioning while we are obviously awake. As we go about our usual days, we frequently ask ourselves, “Am I dreaming?” When we are actually asleep and dreaming, we will ask, “Am I dreaming?” and realize that we are. With awareness, we may gain control of our dreams.

Next: We can walk through real life in a trance and not realize we are until we ask the question, “Am I awake?”


About Davidicus Wong

I am a family physician. I write a weekly newspaper column, Healthwise for the Vancouver Courier, Burnaby Now, Royal City Record and Richmond News.
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