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Your Year in Review: Growing in Our Relationships

We define ourselves by our relationships. When you review the past year, who were the major characters in the drama of your life? More important than most other accomplishments, what did you do for others? How did you make a … Continue reading

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The Year in Review: Relationships

Before we put out the new calendar, I like to sit down with the kids and review the year that has passed. We sit at the table and page through the old kitchen calendar, filled with the schedules and events … Continue reading

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Year-end Week: Reflecting On The Year That Has Passed

This transition week between Christmas and New Year’s . . . and the Old and the New Year is not unlike the Twilight Zone. For most of us, it can pass too quickly and we don’t recognize it’s significance. For … Continue reading

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Let Life Exceed Your Expectations

With Christmas and with life, how happy or satisfied we feel can depend on two relative factors: our expectations and reality (or more precisely our perception of that reality). Public speakers and performers understand this. You can sell more tickets … Continue reading

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A Healthy Approach to the Holiday Feast: Enjoy Every Bite

Mindfulness is not just a path to spiritual maturity. It’s the secret to enjoying the tasty treats of the holidays without overdoing it. Around this time of the year, I often ask patients to delay their blood sugar and cholesterol … Continue reading

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Living Each Christmas As If It Were The Last

A patient came in today to talk about how best to approach what could be his last Christmas.  A former smoker, two weeks ago, he coughed up blood. His chest x-ray showed a lung mass. He was quickly referred for … Continue reading

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Holding Ourselves Back: Prejudging Ourselves

When we’re stuck in life and going nowhere fast – in a job we don’t like, falling into the same issues with our loved ones or repeating the same mistakes ad nauseum, it may not be God, fate or others … Continue reading

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