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Forgiveness: Playing a Different Game

Seeing ourselves and others as completely separate beings creates a game none of us can win. Our connections remain temporary alliances of chance or convenience. In this game, partnerships are never fair, and we will all lose; everything we sought … Continue reading

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Forgiveness: What Holds You Back?

What holds you back . . . from experiencing lasting happiness, from seeing the truth, from loving fully and from achieving your positive potential? All things ego? All that narrows your perspective to that of your self-interested ego alone and … Continue reading

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Your Unconditional Love: Not Just for a Few

“Love” is one of the most confused and misused words in the English language. We use the same word when we like something a lot (i.e. I love this cheesecake! I love that song!), when we admire someone we hardly … Continue reading

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Learning to Love Unconditionally

The way we commonly experience love in our lives begins with the conflicted and complex relationships in our families of origin. We love our siblings but at times, we may actually hate them. They can be our worst enemies. A … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Unconditional Love

Being human and imperfect, we love one another imperfectly. One of the purposes of our lives may be to learn to love unconditionally. For many, the closest they have experienced this is through parental love, but even here, parental feelings … Continue reading

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The 2nd Confusion: Mistaking Lust for Love

In an earlier post, I wrote of the three confusions that can hold us back from experiencing authentic happiness: mistaking hedonism for happiness, lust for love, and self for soul. Part of the joy of being human is to … Continue reading

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What’s in Your Emotional First Aid Kit?

In healthcare, we have to be ready for emergencies . . . at any time. That’s why we have crash carts on every hospital ward. It has everything we need for a Code Blue. We memorize protocols, practice our emergency … Continue reading

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