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Good Stress, Bad Stress. What Kind of Stress Do You Cause?

Hans Selye distinguished good stress (eustress) from bad stress (distress). Sometimes it’s not easy to tell the difference. You may dream of a stress-free life, but such a life could be boring . . . or empty. Being a parent … Continue reading

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Stress: An Unavoidable But Essential Part of Living

At one of the positive points in our lives, my childhood friend, Stan said, “When I feel pain, I know I’m alive.” Stress is like that. It’s an unavoidable part of life.  We all know about some distant (or not … Continue reading

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Work Stress and the Locus of Control

A sense of control – and recognizing that our actions can make a positive difference – can make us empowered and engaged patients. Without that sense of control, we feel overwhelmed and anxious, demoralized and depressed. Our emotional state can … Continue reading

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Finding Meaning and a Sense of Control at Work

In an ideal world, each of us would meet our calling in our work. We would make a living doing what we love to do. Our unique talents and experiences – along with the support and resources we are given … Continue reading

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Healthy Work

How healthy is your workplace? Considering that the average adult spends at least 40 hours a week there, your place of work is a major part of your complete wellbeing. Workplace safety and the prevention of injury are very important, … Continue reading

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Finding Comfort With Loss

My father-in-law passed peacefully this Easter Sunday. Recognizing that his long life was ending, he found strength and comfort with what mattered most throughout his life: family and faith. One of his greatest strengths was his devotion to his family … Continue reading

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Confronting Our Mortality

Death informs life. It can give us a perspective on our lives – and our relationships – that can lift us from the complacency of our common days. It can give us urgency to do what we’ve always wanted to … Continue reading

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