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Soul Friends – The Difference is Depth

My friend, Stan told me that when we met – in Mr. Fullerton’s grade 9 English class – and became close friends, he found that we talked about things at a level and depth that was totally new to him.  … Continue reading

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My Lifelong Friends

A number of years ago – long after we had become adults, my childhood friend, Stan pointed out a salient feature of our friendship – how to him it was different from any other. I didn’t realize ’til then that … Continue reading

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Healthy Friendships: The Value of Soul Friends

What are the qualities of a healthy friendship? I need only think of the special friends who have enriched my life. I call them my soul friends. We are kindred spirits, and though we may have different backgrounds and jobs, … Continue reading

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How Your Friends Affect Your Health

When you think about the key factors to good health, what comes to mind? Obviously, healthy habits, good genes and luck. How about your relationships? And when you think about your most important relationships, you may consider first your parents, … Continue reading

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Accepting Love in Your Life

Love comes in many forms – as many as the number of humans that have ever lived. Agape – or unconditional love – is an ideal form of love. It is the perfect, all forgiving love of parents for their … Continue reading

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To Love and Be Loved – the Point of It All

June 18th is my mother’s birthday. When I think of her, I remember her love. My parents put a lot of thought into our names. Mom told me the meaning of my name was beloved as David was loved by … Continue reading

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Listening Deeper for Values

In my last post, I described an exercise in deep listening that I found transformative as both storyteller and listener. We usually listen – if we’re listening at all – to facts. If we attend a little deeper, we listen … Continue reading

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