Healthy Friendships: The Value of Soul Friends

What are the qualities of a healthy friendship? I need only think of the special friends who have enriched my life. I call them my soul friends. We are kindred spirits, and though we may have different backgrounds and jobs, we share core beliefs about what is good and a deep abiding love for one another.

Our relationships are reciprocal, each gives and takes, and each listens. With my best friends, I don’t even keep track of who gives more. My friend, Steve and I each grab for the dinner bill. Each of us feels we are getting the better deal and want to give more in return. It feels better than fair.

Soul friends know you best; they see deeply into your spirit. They recognize the best in you, and they bring it out. My friend, Stan reminds me of my dreams and challenges me to live them.

With best friends, you can pick up where you left off even if you haven’t talked for months. In spite of the unpredictable changes in our lives and our preoccupation with family and work, I never grow apart from my childhood friends, Stew, Peter, Ron and Mike.

Best friends see all of you – including you at your worst moments. They accept and love you anyway.

They will tell you the truth even if you don’t like it. They will organize an intervention if you’re out of line, destroying yourself or your life.

Appreciate and nurture your soul friends. They are the rare and precious diamonds through which unconditional love shines. They bring out the brilliance, beauty and meaning in your life.


About Davidicus Wong

I am a family physician. I write a weekly newspaper column, Healthwise for the Vancouver Courier, Burnaby Now, Royal City Record and Richmond News.
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9 Responses to Healthy Friendships: The Value of Soul Friends

  1. MysteryCoach says:

    This is wonderful 🙂

  2. Mrs. giovanna Lore says:

    Thank you Dr. D. Wong
    I am a emigrant Italian with no schooling and learned everything trough listing and reading
    For many , many years I been following your article in Burnaby Now , I look forward and read your article every week , With different difficulties we all trough , You have helped me how to explain the different situations I ad,Helped me a lot how to tell My Dc. Peter Wong by making notes from your articles Thank you very much !! looking forward next write up . I wanted to call Burnaby Now to comment You And Your beautiful meaningful Articles in the Burnaby Now . Congratulations !!
    Bless you and your family !!

    • Thank you for your gracious comments, Giovanna. Bless you and yours!

      • Giovanna lore says:

        Thank you Dc.D.Wong
        for the nice comments on today Burnaby News Paper Inevitability of death makes more precious
        I admit I was one of them , but since I dedicated my spare time Volunteering for Burnaby Senior Citizens support group , watching our Lovely Seniors in Different situations And lost my beloved Mom and Dad as a young age Now I became for thankful each and every day is a Blessing
        Like you said -our lives will eventually end , We will die one day .
        Looking for more of your nice comments in the future
        Thanks again For helping and understanding your comments !!
        With God Blessings
        God Bless You !! And your Family !!

      • Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Giovanna, and thank you for helping our community through your volunteer work!

  3. Giovanna Lore says:

    I am very Happy Being part of Volunteer with The 25th. B.C. Seniors Games August 21 to August 25 VOLUNTEERS THEY SURE MAKE A DIFFERENCE AT THE GAMES !!

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