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Sharing Your Personal Bloopers

If your life was a movie, would you play your bloopers at the end? Maybe not if it was a major blooper that did you in. That could bring more tears than laughter. Laughing with others at our own bloopers … Continue reading

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If Your Life was a Movie, Would You Show Your Bloopers at the End?

When I’m watching a movie with my kids, we won’t leave the theatre before the credits are done because some of the best scenes can be at the end. Bloopers are now so popular that they’re even inserted at the … Continue reading

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What I Learn From My Patients

In my last post, I said that good doctors learn from their patients. That may be one reason why we say we practice medicine. And I guess patients do have to be patient – waiting for a young doctor to … Continue reading

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Never Stop Learning. Doctors Don’t.

As students have settled into their classes and are just starting to hit the books, the rest of us can sit back and relax. Right? As any physician can attest, the learning never stops. The hardest first day of school … Continue reading

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Love: the Measure of All Things & the Answer to Every Question

In my 7Q7M (7 Questions/7 Mantras) method of meditation, I ask myself the 7 questions, each reflecting on various aspects of my awareness, knowing that I exist at many levels though I may be centred on one or two at … Continue reading

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September: Time to Take Charge of Your Routines

The air of September mornings has a cool, wake-up bite to it. Each year, it reminds me to get down to business and engage in the start of a new school year. As our kids fall into their new routines, … Continue reading

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September: A Season of Mixed Emotions

I like being around happy people, and I love the seasons of endemic glee. These are those rare times of the year when most people just feel good and can’t keep from smiling: Christmas and New Year’s, kids during the … Continue reading

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