If Your Life was a Movie, Would You Show Your Bloopers at the End?

When I’m watching a movie with my kids, we won’t leave the theatre before the credits are done because some of the best scenes can be at the end.

Bloopers are now so popular that they’re even inserted at the end of cartoons like Monsters, Inc. and the Toy Story movies.

They offer a release from the altered reality of movies. On film, all is not only bigger and better than life but cleaner, neater and prettier. The average actor is a lot better looking than the average people we see in the mirror and on the streets.

In movies and television, teeth are unnaturally white, faces more symmetric and perfect. Even if characters burp or pass gas (usually for a laugh), we won’t smell anything (other than popcorn and the real people sitting around you).

Returning to real life can be a let down. The bloopers remind us that the movie we just saw was a work of fiction and the actors themselves are imperfect and fallible just like us. They flub their lines, trip themselves up and laugh uncontrollably.

Still in real life, most of us want to show our best selves to others and shy away from bragging about our blunders. At the end of our lives, we expect a solemn respectful service where our loved ones remember the good things we did. Thinking about this can inform our lives today as we strive to live as we wish to be remembered.

But making mistakes and being imperfect makes us human like everyone else.

And the mistakes we make are a necessary part of learning and growing. I hope I will never be so old as to be afraid to try new things, make new mistakes and learn from them.

Next: Learning from our mistakes. Even doctors are acknowledging and disclosing their errors.


About Davidicus Wong

I am a family physician. I write a weekly newspaper column, Healthwise for the Vancouver Courier, Burnaby Now, Royal City Record and Richmond News.
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