We All Need Inspiration

We all need inspiration at different points in our lives – to get us through the day, to help us through the rough patches and to give us a fresh perspective on our lives.

Inspiration can help us see new possibilities in ourselves, in our relationships and in our world. It can help us visualize a positive future or bring recognition of the beauty that is already here all around us.

Inspiration can turn an okay day into a good one and a good life into a great one.

It can move us from just going through the motions of life to becoming fully engaged in a meaningful life infused with joy.

At the start of a new year, an infusion of inspiration can give energy and momentum to our unrealized resolutions to improve our lives and adopt healthy new habits.

Recently, a friend gave me a book that reminded me of the dreams of my youth. After a year of disappointments, bad luck, an accident and chronic pain, it was just what I needed to begin anew with positive energy and make 2014 a great year.

Other people can be sources of inspiration. Geniuses like Da Vinci, Mozart and Shakespeare can show us what a human being can create, and their work inspires us still. As a child, I was inspired by great writers and hoped one day to write to inspire others.

We have role models from history who move us with their great acts of compassion – Jesus of Nazareth and Mother Theresa. The Buddha having achieved enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, committed the rest of his life to teaching others.

But look around. There are many others besides history’s saints and geniuses who can inspire us.

My parents were my role models for perseverance and hard work. Dad was born at the start of the Depression in Cumberland, mom in Vancouver. They both endured racism, poverty and the loss of parents in childhood.

My parents expected the best from me and encouraged me to achieve my positive potential. My brother was my role model for academic and athletic excellence. He showed me what was possible.

Being a father to my three children has inspired me to be my best – to demonstrate patience, integrity and love. My parents inspired me to give forward and to give more than I get.

Each day, walking among us are ordinary people doing extraordinary things – both random and pre-meditated acts of kindness great and small. They see a need in another and they do what they can to help through compassionate words and actions.

They begin each day with the question, “How can I make a positive difference?” and with open hearts, they answer with their actions.



About Davidicus Wong

I am a family physician. I write a weekly newspaper column, Healthwise for the Vancouver Courier, Burnaby Now, Royal City Record and Richmond News.
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2 Responses to We All Need Inspiration

  1. Allan Calder says:

    I can relate to having a challenging year. It’s sometimes hard to stay positive when challenge after challenge is thrown at you. Like you, my parents and the rest of my family have often been the rock of inspiration to keep me moving forward. Wherever you find your inspiration it’s important to embrace it when it’s offered up. Otherwise we’ll spend our life sitting on the sidelines. Thanks for offering a little inspiration for me today!

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