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The measure of your day

Is today just another day? And tonight after it has passed, will it be forgotten? Is it a day in the way? That’s a countdown day that you just want to get through because it stands between you and what … Continue reading

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Three keys to a better hospital stay

If you’re admitted to a hospital, you may lose your sense of control over your own healthcare. You’re expected to wear a gown instead of your own clothes. Many people pop into your room unannounced, and they write notes in … Continue reading

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The Lonely Patient’s Guide to Your Hospital Adventure

  I’m writing this in my hotel room in the Old Town of Prague. In this ancient city of a hundred spires I’m surrounded by wonder and beauty, but in a place so different from home, I’m reminded that I’m … Continue reading

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Healthier way to see yourself

In high school, my friend, Stan and I were amateur psychologists. He would introduce his latest categorization of people by saying, “There are two kinds of people in the world.” For example, there are those who see the cup as … Continue reading

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