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Keeping Your Relationship Healthy

The Family Doctors of Burnaby have been presenting free public talks in our campaign to raise health literacy called the Empowered Patient. Our goal is to provide the key information that everyone in our community needs to live a healthy … Continue reading

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Do you take better care of your car than your body?

The daily and scheduled maintenance of your health is not unlike auto maintenance. Some of us take better care of our vehicles than our bodies. Young people (especially men in their 20s and 30s) act as if their bodies are … Continue reading

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What keeps us from eating well?

When I was a kid, I would ask myself WWSD (What would Spock do)? Spock of course was the First Officer on the starship Enterprise. Half Vulcan and half human, he would suppress his human emotions and make decisions based … Continue reading

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You are what you eat

If you’ve ever said “I feel like a bacon double cheeseburger”, you probably forgot about the old expression, “You are what you eat.” Too often, we reflexively eat what we crave and think of food as a means to satisfy … Continue reading

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