#16 Intend to be happy

Rolls Royce Museum, Munich

We’ve all made the mistake of pursuing counterfeit happiness.

It can take the form of a goal. I’ll finally be happy when I can move out. I’ll be happy when I finish school. I’ll be happy when I get a job. I’ll be happy if I can get another job so I can quit this job.

It can take the form of a person. I’ll be happy when I find the perfect partner. We’ll be happy when we can finally be together. We’ll be happy when we’re finally married. I’ll be happy when he cleans up the garage. I’ll be happy if she stops complaining.

It can take the form of  material goods – a new car, a new home, clothes, a big screen T.V., a new stereo system, or the latest Apple product.

We seek happiness through entertainment and through mood-altering substances.

These counterfeits are mere mirages. When we finally arrive, there is nothing to grasp, satisfaction never lasts and we remain empty inside.

So where can we find authentic and enduring happiness?

Right in front of us right now – in the present moment. It begins with the intention to be happy. We must each discover the attitudes, values and goals that will give greater meaning to our daily lives, and our words and actions must align with our deepest values.

We have to live each day for something beyond our own self-interests.

We have to feel deeply connected with one another.

It requires attitudes of thankfulness, graciousness, generosity and generativity. We accept both the reality of our challenges and the gifts we are given. We appreciate the love and care we receive and we pass forward to others that same love and care.

Starting today, resolve not to waste another day pursuing counterfeit happiness. Starting today, intend to be happy, and spread that happiness in your world.

Your challenge today: team up with one or more of your friends, classmates, coworkers or family. Do one new thing each day to bring more happiness into your lives. You’ll find new ideas or exercises each day on this blog.

About Davidicus Wong

I am a family physician. I write a weekly newspaper column, Healthwise for the Vancouver Courier, Burnaby Now, Royal City Record and Richmond News.
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