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The Power of Walking

The health benefits of walking are clear. Walking conditions the heart and lungs; maintains muscle strength, balance and coordination; and helps us maintain a healthy weight. Staying fit is not just for looks; it helps us perform the essential tasks … Continue reading

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The Habit of Exercise

How do we acquire our habits? Often it is from the standard set by those around you. If your friends each have more than 3 alcoholic drinks when you go out on the weekend, you might think that’s normal and … Continue reading

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The Other Side of Grief

Grief is the ultimate human experience that forces us to feel profound loss – the worst of all emotional experiences, accept those feelings and a new reality, gradually let go of the past and those feelings of sadness, reintegrate our … Continue reading

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Getting Through Grief

My mom died suddenly on a sunny spring day 12 years ago this week. She had been in excellent health and very happy with life. Looking back, just before her death, it had been a wonderful time in the life … Continue reading

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