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A Hundred Days to Happiness #46: What I Learn From My Dad

My dad has taught me the most about the art of living, and even though I think I’m grown up, he continues to teach me how to be a better father and how to be happy. My dad never ever … Continue reading

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#47 Centre Your Day on the Balancing Points

I call my personal meditation method, 7 Questions/7 Mantras. I use it at specific points in each day I choose as balancing points: (1) at the moment of awakening, before I even rise from my bed (so of course the … Continue reading

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A Hundred Days to Happiness #44: Happy Humpday!

For the majority with a Monday to Friday work or school week, midweek can be a low point. We find ourselves slogging our way until the weekend, and by Wednesday morning, we’re not even halfway there. Is Wednesday your Humpday? … Continue reading

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A Hundred Days to Happiness #45: Creating More Happiness Today

Unless you make happiness a priority, the rest of your life can take over. As you go through this day, be mindful of your words and actions, and as you reflect on your choices, ask, “Does this contribute to the … Continue reading

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How Do You Think About Your Past and Future? How Does It Influence Your Experience of the Present?

At an inspiring workshop last weekend, clinical psychologist, Dr. Lee Pulos spoke about how our beliefs about the past and future influence our enjoyment of the present. He showed us how visualization of a positive future is a key to … Continue reading

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The Secret to Breaking Bad Habits

Though accidents, genetics and many conditions are beyond your control, of the things in your life that are, the best predictors of your future health are the habits you practice today. Knowing that smoking damages our lungs, causes cancer and … Continue reading

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Visualize the change you want to see

There are periods in our lives when we can feel stuck in the middle. These are the in between times when we feel far from where we want to be in life. It can be when we’re young and single; … Continue reading

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