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Your Heart: What Have You Done for It Lately?

We all play favourites. We look at the attractive, we hang out with the most fun, and we take for granted the reliable and dependable in our lives that are always there day after day. What is your favourite organ? … Continue reading

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What do you know about heart failure?

What do you know about heart failure? If you’re like most people, not enough. In fact, it is believed that most people who have heart failure are not even aware of it. It is estimated that 30% of those who … Continue reading

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Are you at risk for heart disease?

Are you at risk for heart disease? The simple answer is yes. We all are. As we age, so do our blood vessels. With advancing years, plaque accumulates within the arteries that supply the heart muscle (causing angina and heart … Continue reading

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The magic of self-compassion

Sometimes what we long for is right in front of us, and like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we already have what we need. Each day, I see patients searching for a solution to their suffering that can come … Continue reading

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