Positive Potential Medicine

This blog is dedicated to the achievement of your positive potential. I’m sharing insights learned from my patients young and old, from my parents, my children and my friends on living a meaningful, healthy and happy life.

Dr. Davidicus Wong is a physician in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His Healthwise column is published regularly in the Vancouver Courier, Burnaby Now, Royal City Record, Richmond News and associated papers. WWYD 2015

27 replies on “Positive Potential Medicine”

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I have been reading and actually collecting your articles in the Burnaby Now for quite some time. I even have one of your articles in my wallet that I carry with me and have shared with friends. Your insight is inspiring. Thank you for your kindness and for sharing your thoughts with the world. Today, I am thankful for your words and guidance.

Hello, Dr. Wong; I also enjoy your articles each week in the Vancouver Courier. They are full of meaning and insight and put a smile on my face. Do you realize what a joy it is to read something positive in the newspaper? It’s like a small miracle! Now I’ve also discovered your blog, which is easier to keep track of than the newspaper. I can return again and again to read your inspiring words. Thanks!

Like Sandy H. I’ve kept read and reread your articles from the Courier. And so appreciate your presence in this forum. We live somewhat parallel lives, I’ve been a caregiver for 21 years this month. My mother passed away recently as last year of 83 years of age. I appreciated her gifts moreso now than ever before. Thank you for teaching me to look more inside for what I seek. At present, I am primary caregiver for my neighbor, a job I didn’t apply for, she is 82. This position has made your words even more tanglible than ever before in my life. I guess the timimg was just right. Again, Thank you for being. John H. L.

Thank you, John. You’re right, we are all on the same journey though we each will meet our own unique challenges and opportunities to help others achieve their potentials and thereby our own.

A number of community groups (Heart & Stroke, Parkinson’s, VCH, Cancer Agency, etc) are planning an event for Family Caregiver Week … Thursday, May 12th, 7- 9 p.m. … in the VGH Auditorium and Atrium. We would love to have you as a speaker! Our goal is to provide positive messaging to family caregivers to nuture, uplift and energize them in their caregiving role. Your articles in the Vancouver Courier have always had that effect on me so I said I would ask you…. looking forward to hearing from you.


Your article “Regift love and luck that come your way” truly touched me. I am a Certified Life Coach and one of my goals in life is to give back to my community. I would be happy and honored to offer a gift to this cause on May 7th (Donate blood in honor of our Mothers). My gift is: 5 sessions of one on one coaching as described on my website to one individual who sincerely wishes to explore his/her life. Each session is one hour long. I look forward to hearing from you. Warmly, Betty

Thank you for taking the time to pass on your wisdom and perspectives. What a great way to touch so many lives.
See you at the pool!

Just another person to thank you for your good inspirations. I had been reading and collecting your articles in the courier too. In fact I got upset for the week when I could not get a copy. Now I am glad to be able to read articles on face book.

Priceless, ethical advise to reinforce what I know is the wise way to live my life, as I slip along the way. I underline phrases in your articles to summarize & then I lay the articles around so my grown ‘children’ read them, & they do! Let us all remember that some lives are easier with common ups & downs that dissipate but some lives are full of physical pain or great loss. These people do need tremendous support, understanding & love from friends, family & the community, sometimes for years, so that one day they too can appreciate the kindness extended & take part in life’s ‘normal’ ups & downs, & be able to give back. Being able to GIVE is the best feeling more important than climbing Mount Everest or winning a gold medal. Thank you for ‘giving’
your inspirational columns Dr. Wong.

Dear Dr Wong,
Your articles are my favorite part of the Coquitlam NOW and I always look forward to reading them. Have a Happy Birthday and I hope you have a wonderful vacation in Rome. Today is my 68th birthday, but I think someone made a mistake on my birth certificate- I am very healthy and don’t feel a day over 40. Keep up the great columns- the world needs more of this.

Hi Dr. Wong!
I’ve loved your articles as a child in the Burnaby Now… I used to clip them out but I think I’ve lost track of one of my favourites.

Will you be posting some of your older articles on to this blog as time goes on?

– Nancy

Can you talk about the proper way to take blood pressure and how to interpret the results? I usually get good results (av. 127/78) if I take it at home after 15 minutes sitting quietly without distraction as suggested by my machine but if I just slap on the cuff at home without rest or have my blood pressure taken at a medical facility its gets into what is generally the high blood pressure range. Obviously a person can’t be in Dr. Oz’s ideal range continuously and blood pressure will be higher at some times than others but when does one start worrying about the occasional spikes?

Dr Wong:

I need to thank you so much for all your help, and caring support through the personal challenges I have dealt with and continue to deal with. I am a much stronger and self aware man because of your guidance and care…..

Tim Vink

Hello Dr. Wong,

I am a healthcare professional and a program supervisor in Burnaby, BC. I learn so much from your articles and hoping that I could pass some of your knowledge to participants I work with. I was wondering if you have time to offer talks to seniors in the community?
Thank you.

I actually have been giving many community talks at the schools, libraries and community centres throughout Burnaby. I lead the Burnaby Division of Family Practice’s Empowering Patients public health education program.

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