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How Do You See the Stress in Your Life?

Stress is part of every human life, but it’s not necessarily bad. Positive stress motivates us to change, get things done, learn and grow. Without the gentle wake up calls from Mom and Dad, my kids may not have made … Continue reading

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Mindfully Manage Your Emotions

Do you remember the scene in Disney’s animated movie when Snow White runs screaming through the woods, terrorized by what appear to be evil trees? She awakens in the morning, surrounded by new furry, forest friends. In real life, we … Continue reading

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Achieve Your Positive Potential at Any Age

On Thursday, September 10th, 2015, I spoke to an enthusiastic audience of over 200 brought together by the Tapestry Foundation for Health Care in this season’s first Dialogue on Aging.  I talked about how we are co-authors of our own … Continue reading

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#36 The ABCs of Health and Happiness

The ABCs of Health and Happiness Davidicus Wong Accept responsibility for your own health. Be active. Create happiness for yourself and others. Don’t drink to excess. Eat a healthy diet. Follow your bliss. Greet each day with gratitude. Help yourself … Continue reading

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Self-Care is Healthcare

Imagine an iceberg. All that we see is the fraction above the surface, but 90% of its bulk lies in the depths of the ocean. In healthcare, most of our attention is drawn to acute hospital care with less given … Continue reading

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Doctors Prescribe Exercise: The Benefits of Physical Activity

During the week of May 3rd to 11th, 2014, doctors throughout British Columbia will be promoting physical activity and literally walking the talk with their patients in a variety of community events. On Saturday, May 3rd, the Doctors of B.C. … Continue reading

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September: Time to review our routines

As our children settle into the rhythm and routines of a new school year, they begin with fresh notebooks, new pens, empty lockers and clean desks. The rest of us are adjusting to their new schedules for driving and mealtimes, … Continue reading

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