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Your Happiness and the Value of Goals

The stage of the musical, Frozen at Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim, California. It’s the time of the year when I’ll be expecting patients coming in with new goals to improve their health. Many will be keen on starting a … Continue reading

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How Do You See the Stress in Your Life?

Stress is part of every human life, but it’s not necessarily bad. Positive stress motivates us to change, get things done, learn and grow. Without the gentle wake up calls from Mom and Dad, my kids may not have made … Continue reading

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Love . . . the real thing

I believe we are each a unique manifestation of the divine in this world. When we are self-less, identifying less with this everchanging physical body and the elaborate personal story of endlessly conditioned thoughts and feelings that we have created … Continue reading

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Bring Your Best to a New Year

As we grow older, each year seems to pass more quickly. When I was five years old, a summer seemed to last a year; now each season passes in a flash. As we accumulate years in age, each year, month, … Continue reading

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Mindfully Manage Your Emotions

Do you remember the scene in Disney’s animated movie when Snow White runs screaming through the woods, terrorized by what appear to be evil trees? She awakens in the morning, surrounded by new furry, forest friends. In real life, we … Continue reading

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Retreating to Mindfulness

If you were on the UBC campus a few weekends ago, you may have seen over a hundred people slowly streaming out of the Asian Centre eyes lowered and placing each step deliberately. This was not the early arrival of … Continue reading

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The Power to Change Your Brain

Instead of buying a new computer or smart phone when your old one can’t keep up with your needs, wouldn’t it be great if it had the limitless ability to upgrade its own hardware and software to meet the demands of … Continue reading

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