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The gifts that give back

At one time or another, we all think about ourselves when we give to others. That’s perfectly fine when your gift is a shared experience: a nice meal, a concert or a movie. You’re celebrating your relationship and saying “I … Continue reading

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The Reality of Change

There is a stereotype that older people can’t keep up with change. Family members will laugh at the blinking display of the unset DVD player (or for the even less adaptable, VCR). And the older we get, the more quickly … Continue reading

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The Other Side of Grief

Grief is the ultimate human experience that forces us to feel profound loss – the worst of all emotional experiences, accept those feelings and a new reality, gradually let go of the past and those feelings of sadness, reintegrate our … Continue reading

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Getting Through Grief

My mom died suddenly on a sunny spring day 12 years ago this week. She had been in excellent health and very happy with life. Looking back, just before her death, it had been a wonderful time in the life … Continue reading

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#36 The ABCs of Health and Happiness

The ABCs of Health and Happiness Davidicus Wong Accept responsibility for your own health. Be active. Create happiness for yourself and others. Don’t drink to excess. Eat a healthy diet. Follow your bliss. Greet each day with gratitude. Help yourself … Continue reading

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#17 What makes your day?

What are the essentials of your day? These are the things that make the difference between living fully and just living. At school or at work, are you just putting in time or having the time of your life? What … Continue reading

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#8 I resolve

I resolve: To live life more deliberately. To spend rationally but love passionately. To consider everything I put into my mouth, realizing I am what I eat and my health depends on it. To consider everything that comes from my … Continue reading

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