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Emotional Wellness (Davidicus Wong)

What is Emotional Wellness? A deep sense of meaning and purpose, an abiding sense of peace, the ability to manage the stress and transitions of life, awareness of your thoughts and feelings and the ability to manage them.   Why … Continue reading

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How Do You See the Stress in Your Life?

Stress is part of every human life, but it’s not necessarily bad. Positive stress motivates us to change, get things done, learn and grow. Without the gentle wake up calls from Mom and Dad, my kids may not have made … Continue reading

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The Daily Management of Stress

In my last column, we saw stress as an essential part of our lives. It can be positive when it moves us to change and grow, but it affect our minds and bodies in negative ways when we are overwhelmed. … Continue reading

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My Working Summer Staycation

What can you do when plans go awry? Accept what you cannot change; appreciate what you have, and make the best of it. I had the opportunity to put this into practice when I had to cancel my family vacation. … Continue reading

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A Hundred Days to Happiness #22: Your Power to Choose

Stress is an essential part of our daily lives, and at times, we can feel overwhelmed. How can you regain control, and how can you be happy in the face of stress? It’s essential to recognize two things. First, enduring … Continue reading

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A Hundred Days to Happiness #21: Happiness in the Face of Stress

  Stress is an essential part of everyday life. In fact, we need positive stress, or what Hans Selye called eustress, to move forward, grow and achieve our potentials. My son needs that little extra help to get out of … Continue reading

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A Hundred Days to Happiness #20: Obstacles to Happiness

  Today, what stands between you and happiness? There are many times in our lives when we don’t feel as happy as we could be. We’ve had some bad news – a friend moving away or falling sick, or we’re … Continue reading

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