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Is the Golden Rule just a guideline?

If I wrote an entry in The Book of Awesome, it would recall those magic moments when everything comes together in the restroom. Your call from nature brings you to this shared private public place and you find the door … Continue reading

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How We Respond To Stress Is As Important As The Stress Itself

When it comes to our physical and emotional wellbeing, how we cope with the circumstances of our lives is as important as the circumstances themselves. What we end up with – happiness or unhappiness – depends on what we do … Continue reading

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How Do We Cope With Stress? Is It Healthy?

We each live unique lives. Similar circumstances and events can affect individuals in very different ways. Our individual response to stress is influenced by infinite factors, including our cultural background and personal history. Those who have met with disappointment and … Continue reading

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A Key to Happiness: How You Cope With Stress

We usually think of stress as a bad thing. Every week, family doctors see patients – anxious, angry, exhausted, burnt out or depressed – asking for a “stress leave” from work. When we tell people at home or at work … Continue reading

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Good Stress, Bad Stress. What Kind of Stress Do You Cause?

Hans Selye distinguished good stress (eustress) from bad stress (distress). Sometimes it’s not easy to tell the difference. You may dream of a stress-free life, but such a life could be boring . . . or empty. Being a parent … Continue reading

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Stress: An Unavoidable But Essential Part of Living

At one of the positive points in our lives, my childhood friend, Stan said, “When I feel pain, I know I’m alive.” Stress is like that. It’s an unavoidable part of life.  We all know about some distant (or not … Continue reading

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Work Stress and the Locus of Control

A sense of control – and recognizing that our actions can make a positive difference – can make us empowered and engaged patients. Without that sense of control, we feel overwhelmed and anxious, demoralized and depressed. Our emotional state can … Continue reading

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