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Love . . . the real thing

I believe we are each a unique manifestation of the divine in this world. When we are self-less, identifying less with this everchanging physical body and the elaborate personal story of endlessly conditioned thoughts and feelings that we have created … Continue reading

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Achieve Your Positive Potential at Any Age

On Thursday, September 10th, 2015, I spoke to an enthusiastic audience of over 200 brought together by the Tapestry Foundation for Health Care in this season’s first Dialogue on Aging.  I talked about how we are co-authors of our own … Continue reading

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What the world needs now . . . is unconditional love.

In Homer’s Iliad, Odysseus commands his crew to tie him to his ship’s mast so that he can hear the beautiful but tempting song of the Sirens. With their ears covered, the crew has been ordered to ignore Odysseus’ demands when … Continue reading

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Love: the misunderstood emotion

When my daughter was eight, we would sing along to Beatles CDs as we drove to her Saturday morning dance classes. “Why are they always singing about love?” she once asked. “Everything’s about love,” I answered. I’ve written of the … Continue reading

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Learning to Love Unconditionally

The way we commonly experience love in our lives begins with the conflicted and complex relationships in our families of origin. We love our siblings but at times, we may actually hate them. They can be our worst enemies. A … Continue reading

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