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Emotional Wellness (Davidicus Wong)

What is Emotional Wellness? A deep sense of meaning and purpose, an abiding sense of peace, the ability to manage the stress and transitions of life, awareness of your thoughts and feelings and the ability to manage them.   Why … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about your emotional health

Your emotional wellbeing is an essential part of your health, but many patients only see their doctors when something is wrong with their bodies. In the daily reality of my family practice, I assist patients coping with overwhelming emotions, troublesome … Continue reading

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Turning Negative Emotions into Positive Goals, Part 1

Are you happy with your life? If you are, congratulations! A cynic would say, “Enjoy it while you can. It won’t last.” Life can be a rollercoaster ride of high and low points, successes and failures, good fortune and bad … Continue reading

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How Do We Cope With Stress? Is It Healthy?

We each live unique lives. Similar circumstances and events can affect individuals in very different ways. Our individual response to stress is influenced by infinite factors, including our cultural background and personal history. Those who have met with disappointment and … Continue reading

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The Secret to Managing Stress

A sense of helplessness has been associated with feelings of anxiety; hopelessness with depression. During the hardest times in our lives, we may feel overwhelmed and ineffectual. Though life can be unpredictable and unfair, our emotional well-being depends upon some … Continue reading

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A Hundred Days To Happiness: Some Thoughts On Happiness

An article in this weekend’s Sun describes research at the University of British Columbia where subjects have learned to become more aware of the unconscious negative thoughts that underlie depression and anxiety. Through a functional MRI scan, they are shown … Continue reading

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