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Celebrate Move for Health day: Walk With Your Doc!

To celebrate Move for Health Day in Burnaby on Tuesday, May 10th, I’ll be presenting a talk, “We Were Made to Move” at 1 pm at the Edmonds Community Centre (at 4585 Albert St, Burnaby) and again at 5:45 pm … Continue reading

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The Power of Walking

The health benefits of walking are clear. Walking conditions the heart and lungs; maintains muscle strength, balance and coordination; and helps us maintain a healthy weight. Staying fit is not just for looks; it helps us perform the essential tasks … Continue reading

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The Habit of Exercise

How do we acquire our habits? Often it is from the standard set by those around you. If your friends each have more than 3 alcoholic drinks when you go out on the weekend, you might think that’s normal and … Continue reading

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10 THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR HEALTH by Davidicus Wong Be active. Make physical activity part of each day. Get a good night’s sleep. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Avoid saturated and trans fats in butter, hard margarine, lard … Continue reading

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Physical Activity: a Foundation for Your Wellbeing

On Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 from 7 to 8:30 pm, I’ll be at Cariboo Hill Secondary School (8580 − 16th Avenue, Burnaby) speaking on behalf of the Burnaby Division of Family Practice in our continuing Empowering Patients series of public … Continue reading

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The side-effects of exercise. Some of them are positive!

I recently wrote of the many benefits of regular physical activity. These include improvements in cardiovascular fitness, sleep quality, mood and anxiety levels and reductions in the risks for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and osteoporosis. In fact, doctors across B.C. … Continue reading

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Keys to Staying Young #6: Calculate Your Real Age

#6 Check Out Realage.com. Calculate your physical age, based on your health risks and lifestyle choices. It may give you a better age than the calendar and it’s based on medical science rather than the preferred methods used by most … Continue reading

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