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#36 The ABCs of Health and Happiness

The ABCs of Health and Happiness Davidicus Wong Accept responsibility for your own health. Be active. Create happiness for yourself and others. Don’t drink to excess. Eat a healthy diet. Follow your bliss. Greet each day with gratitude. Help yourself … Continue reading

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What keeps us from eating well?

When I was a kid, I would ask myself WWSD (What would Spock do)? Spock of course was the First Officer on the starship Enterprise. Half Vulcan and half human, he would suppress his human emotions and make decisions based … Continue reading

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You are what you eat

If you’ve ever said “I feel like a bacon double cheeseburger”, you probably forgot about the old expression, “You are what you eat.” Too often, we reflexively eat what we crave and think of food as a means to satisfy … Continue reading

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Self-Care is Healthcare

Imagine an iceberg. All that we see is the fraction above the surface, but 90% of its bulk lies in the depths of the ocean. In healthcare, most of our attention is drawn to acute hospital care with less given … Continue reading

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Your Diet: Garbage In, Garbage Incorporated

The truism, “garbage in, garbage out” applies to what  we put in our mouths. Your body is more complex than a computer or any other machine, and it is sensitive to what we consume. The healthy functioning of every system … Continue reading

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A Healthy Approach to the Holiday Feast: Enjoy Every Bite

Mindfulness is not just a path to spiritual maturity. It’s the secret to enjoying the tasty treats of the holidays without overdoing it. Around this time of the year, I often ask patients to delay their blood sugar and cholesterol … Continue reading

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Homework for Grown-ups: A Healthy Mind Needs a Healthy Body

The most important homework for my kids is the daily care of their own bodies. I can keep an eye and give greater direction to my daughter in grade 8 and my son in grade 12. I can only hope … Continue reading

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