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The Reality of Change

There is a stereotype that older people can’t keep up with change. Family members will laugh at the blinking display of the unset DVD player (or for the even less adaptable, VCR). And the older we get, the more quickly … Continue reading

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Achieve Your Positive Potential

Our kids expect to be asked, “What do you want to be when you’ve grown up?” In our first two decades, life is not just about being but becoming: learning, growing and anticipating new experiences. We recognize the constant change … Continue reading

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A Hundred Days to Happiness #21: Happiness in the Face of Stress

  Stress is an essential part of everyday life. In fact, we need positive stress, or what Hans Selye called eustress, to move forward, grow and achieve our potentials. My son needs that little extra help to get out of … Continue reading

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Are you at risk for burnout? Recognizing & managing stress in your life.

Stress is an inevitable and essential part of your life. Without stress, you’d be bored. Without the positive stress of a best friend, you wouldn’t try new things and you wouldn’t have as much fun. Without the encouraging stress of … Continue reading

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Work Stress and the Locus of Control

A sense of control – and recognizing that our actions can make a positive difference – can make us empowered and engaged patients. Without that sense of control, we feel overwhelmed and anxious, demoralized and depressed. Our emotional state can … Continue reading

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Finding Meaning and a Sense of Control at Work

In an ideal world, each of us would meet our calling in our work. We would make a living doing what we love to do. Our unique talents and experiences – along with the support and resources we are given … Continue reading

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The Secret to Managing Stress

A sense of helplessness has been associated with feelings of anxiety; hopelessness with depression. During the hardest times in our lives, we may feel overwhelmed and ineffectual. Though life can be unpredictable and unfair, our emotional well-being depends upon some … Continue reading

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