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What I Learn From My Patients

In my last post, I said that good doctors learn from their patients. That may be one reason why we say we practice medicine. And I guess patients do have to be patient – waiting for a young doctor to … Continue reading

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Never Stop Learning. Doctors Don’t.

As students have settled into their classes and are just starting to hit the books, the rest of us can sit back and relax. Right? As any physician can attest, the learning never stops. The hardest first day of school … Continue reading

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The Patient-Doctor Relationship: The Sources of Conflict

The positive patient-doctor relationship is essential to your health, but it is often far from perfect. The reasons for conflict and discomfort are complex. Doctors are human too with their own priorities and emotional reactions. Sometimes our styles and personalities … Continue reading

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Back to Basics: How to Wash Your Hands, Pt 2 of 2

This week, my theme is small things that make a big difference. This month, I taught my Medical students the key procedure in infection control: handwashing. I spent some time – 15 seconds to be exact – demonstrating proper handwashing … Continue reading

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