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What’s Your Resolve? How to Achieve Your Goals

Some of us don’t bother with either resolutions or goals. We go about our days and do what absolutely has to be done – sometimes at the last minute, sometimes too late – and leave the rest for later (or someone else).

Some of us set goals – like quitting smoking, joining a new exercise program or eating a healthier diet but just can’t get started. Sometimes we start off great but get sidelined by unexpected obstacles.

A few have been successful at meeting many of the goals they have set. The first two keys to their success are (1) motivation (They chose the right goals for themselves – what they cared about) and (2) planning (They achieved a number of incremental goals. You can’t get to the peak of the mountain in one giant leap. Each step will bring you closer, and each step closer increases your confidence and sense of achievement).

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