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With Each New Year, Review the Old One

When we’re young, New Year’s Eve is another good reason to have a party but as we age, it may no longer seem such a big deal – just another night signifying the passage of time. The new calendar can … Continue reading

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Bring Your Best to a New Year

As we grow older, each year seems to pass more quickly. When I was five years old, a summer seemed to last a year; now each season passes in a flash. As we accumulate years in age, each year, month, … Continue reading

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What Will Be Your Holiday Legacy?

  As children return to school and grown-ups get back to work, many are feeling the post-holiday blues. Suddenly, green and red seem out of season. The magic has faded and warm, fuzzy moments yield to the plain, cold winter. … Continue reading

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January 1st: A Brand New Start!

Thank goodness for New Years! Can you imagine what our lives would be like if every year blended into the next? A lot of people would miss staying up late, dancing and celebrating, but as a parent, that’s no longer … Continue reading

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Year-end Week: Reflecting On The Year That Has Passed

This transition week between Christmas and New Year’s . . . and the Old and the New Year is not unlike the Twilight Zone. For most of us, it can pass too quickly and we don’t recognize it’s significance. For … Continue reading

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