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You Belong Here: the Positive Potential of Our Community

When my kids were young, the happiest place on Earth (besides home) was Disneyland. Now that that they’re in their twenties, our favourite place for a grown-up family vacation is Hawaii. Though we’re all Vancouver-born, Hawaiians treat us as if … Continue reading

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Playing “Spot the Difference”: How We Create Our Own Blindspots & How We Can See Around Them

We can prejudge those we don’t know at all, making assumptions about their personalities, beliefs and private lives before we even meet them. They may be strangers we pass on the street, the lady standing in front of you at … Continue reading

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Tolerance & Compassion (3rd of 3 parts): Overcoming Our Biases, Seeing the Whole Person

What are your biases?  We all have them.  If you think you don’t, you may need to dig deep. Does the way other people look, speak, dress and move affect how you relate to them? As an exercise one day, … Continue reading

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