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The gifts that give back

At one time or another, we all think about ourselves when we give to others. That’s perfectly fine when your gift is a shared experience: a nice meal, a concert or a movie. You’re celebrating your relationship and saying “I … Continue reading

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The long term relationship that’s vital to your heart . . . and every other organ in your body

During the month of Valentine’s Day, many of us think about our most significant relationships. Young couples think about grand and romantic ways they’ll express their passion; married couples think about the money they’ll save by dining at home. But … Continue reading

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Your Positive Potential at Any Age

At every age and in every day, we have challenges, gifts, and a call to action. In each day, I see all of life in the patients I serve – from newborns to the long retired. Even when we cease … Continue reading

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A Hundred Days to Happiness #22: Your Power to Choose

Stress is an essential part of our daily lives, and at times, we can feel overwhelmed. How can you regain control, and how can you be happy in the face of stress? It’s essential to recognize two things. First, enduring … Continue reading

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#16 Intend to be happy

We’ve all made the mistake of pursuing counterfeit happiness. It can take the form of a goal. I’ll finally be happy when I can move out. I’ll be happy when I finish school. I’ll be happy when I get a … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Relationship Healthy

The Family Doctors of Burnaby have been presenting free public talks in our campaign to raise health literacy called the Empowered Patient. Our goal is to provide the key information that everyone in our community needs to live a healthy … Continue reading

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What’s Your New Year’s Strategy?

My tradition with my children at the start of a New Year is to walk through the old calendar and remember the year past. What did we do? Where did we go? What days did we celebrate? What events did … Continue reading

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