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Emotional Wellness (Davidicus Wong)

What is Emotional Wellness? A deep sense of meaning and purpose, an abiding sense of peace, the ability to manage the stress and transitions of life, awareness of your thoughts and feelings and the ability to manage them.   Why … Continue reading

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10 THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR HEALTH by Davidicus Wong Be active. Make physical activity part of each day. Get a good night’s sleep. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Avoid saturated and trans fats in butter, hard margarine, lard … Continue reading

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A Hundred Days to Happiness #20: Obstacles to Happiness

  Today, what stands between you and happiness? There are many times in our lives when we don’t feel as happy as we could be. We’ve had some bad news – a friend moving away or falling sick, or we’re … Continue reading

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Clear the clutter. Clear your mind.

A close and beloved relative of mine is a collector. He has difficulty throwing things away and to a lesser extent makes it difficult for others to throw their own things away. Family members have considered an intervention – perhaps … Continue reading

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The Rhythm of Your Life

  When doctors talk about rhythm, we’re usually referring to the heart. As we check your pulse and listen to your heart, we make note of the rate (Is it fast or slow?) and the rhythm (Is it regular or … Continue reading

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How healthy is your doctor?

Last week, I enjoyed a much needed vacation with my family. We cruised from Seattle to Alaska and took an excursion to the Yukon. Along the way, we enjoyed spectacular vistas and the beauty of nature. But being a physician, … Continue reading

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September: A Season of Mixed Emotions

I like being around happy people, and I love the seasons of endemic glee. These are those rare times of the year when most people just feel good and can’t keep from smiling: Christmas and New Year’s, kids during the … Continue reading

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