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Thanksgiving and the Power of Appreciation

What’s your favourite holiday? If you ask kids this month, they are likely to answer “Hallowe’en!” Mine is Thanksgiving. Like Christmas, it’s a time we can gather with our loved ones and express appreciation for one another, but unless you’re … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: The Holiday with Attitude

Wine may grow in value with age, but as I age, I appreciate more the value in all things. The celebration of Thanksgiving has become more meaningful with each passing year. It is the holiday with attitude – a decidedly … Continue reading

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The gifts that give back

At one time or another, we all think about ourselves when we give to others. That’s perfectly fine when your gift is a shared experience: a nice meal, a concert or a movie. You’re celebrating your relationship and saying “I … Continue reading

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Being Present

One of my favourite TV shows from the 90s was Quantum Leap. Scott Bakula played Dr. Sam Beckett. In each episode, he would find himself somewhere back in time in someone else’s body and he would have to solve some … Continue reading

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Thankfulness . . . the healthiest attitude

The way you look at your life at this moment can determine your future health and happiness. How you habitually think has great bearing on your performance at school or work, your physical health, your emotions and your relationships. If … Continue reading

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Therapeutic Thanks: What’s Right in Your Life?

Each day, I counsel patients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. They are overwhelmed with emotions often triggered by circumstances – a stressful home situation, difficulties at work, financial distress, relationship problems, a series of negative events, or illness. The … Continue reading

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The Attitude of Grace: Thanks and Giving

Grace may be a prayer of thanks many of us will be saying before dinner, but it is also an attitude – a way of thinking and acting. Thanksgiving is not just the giving of thanks. I divide it into … Continue reading

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